2018 “Sweatin’ For A Veteran” Virtual 5K

Registration Begins September 15,

2018 for “Sweatin’ For A Veteran” Virtual 5K

When: November 1-11, 2018.  Ends on Veterans Day 

Where:  Anywhere (it’s a virtual 5K)

This is it!  Your final opportunity of the season to strut your stuff, get some exercise, and support a one-of-a-kind Veteran Service Dog organization. 

  • Project Delta’s “Sweatin’ For A Veteran” Virtual 5k is an opportunity to have fun supporting our military veterans suffering from PTSD, Military Sexual Trauma, and/or Traumatic Brain Injury as well as supporting our rescue/shelter service dogs in training. 
  • What makes this event special is that it’s a Virtual 5K, meaning you can do it anywhere and anytime between November 1 and November 11, 2018.  You can walk, run, jog, ski, skate, hop, swim, etc.  Whatever you like to do, as long as you share with us your photos on our Facebook page of you, your family and friends, and your four-legged, furry friends participating in the event.  What better way is there to celebrate Veterans Day on Sunday, November 11, 2018.  
  • What makes Project Delta special is that we use dogs from rescues or shelters and we developed a unique foster program for our prospective service dogs.  This foster program almost guarantees the successful completion of our training program.  Additionally, the foster program guarantees that every dog considered for service is adopted into a loving and caring forever home, either as a service dog or an amazing pet.  Additionally, Project Delta Veterans enter our program with the understanding that they WILL work towards becoming the absolute best version of themselves.  A win-win for everyone. 

Thank you for considering participation in Project Delta’s First Annual “Sweatin’ For A Veteran” Virtual 5K.  We look forward to seeing your photos on our Facebook page. 

 Participation (donation) fee $30.

For an additional $10 you’ll receive the coveted Project Delta tee-shirt.