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Thank you for your interest in applying for Project Delta’s Service Dog Program. We have attempted to streamline the application process for you.  However, we must ensure Project Delta is a good fit for you and we take very seriously the preparedness of the veteran to care for a dog. Therefore, the application will consist of information gathered from the applicant, the applicants’ family/friends, and the applicants’ physician.

Please find the red link below to the Application-Request Form.  Download and fill out the form. Then mail, email, or fax the completed form back to us.  Next, we mail you the entire application packet.  Along with the completed final Application Packet, we will ask you to include a $25 check. The check covers the cost of a required background check.  The $25 will be refunded to you upon acceptance into Project Delta’s Service Dog Program.

Application-Request Checklist:

◊  Click the Application Request button above.

◊  Download the Application-Request Form

◊  Complete the Form

◊  Return the form to Project Delta by one of the following means:

     Mail:  Project Delta, Inc., P.O. Box 43490, Minneapolis, MN 554443

     Fax:  1(800)511-7501

     Email:  (please scan form and attach to email)

        Please call 763-229-7083 with questions

Project Delta is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  EIN#: 81-2180653

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