Newsletter July 2018 Volume 2. Issue 1

July 2018                                                    VOLUME 2. ISSUE 1

Here’s Whats


  • PROJECT DELTA EVENTS: Sweatin’ For A Veteran (Virtual 5K)
  • SPOTLIGHT ON OUR TEAM: Len Robinson, President



It has been awhile since a newsletter went out. That doesn’t mean we haven’t been extremely busy and growing the mission! Since our last newsletter, we have paired six additional teams with four in either the paperwork or dog selection process. What was a foundation for the organization has taken root and we couldn’t be more pleased.

Project Delta has since developed relationships with multiple veteran organizations. These include those from Brooklyn Center American Legion, Apple Valley American Legion, Maple Grove Legion Riders, Uptown VFW, The Northstar Marine Veterans, The Beyond the Yellow Ribbon of Chanhassen, and the Zimmerman Legion Riders.

We have just recently begun collaborating with The Eagles Healing Nest founded by Melony Butler. The Nest will assist our veterans with lodging to minimize distance travel while training with their dog. For the second year in a row, Alaskan Brewing Company donated to us after a very successful fundraiser. In January, we were notified that we were the recipient of our first of hopefully many, Petco Foundation grants. Finally, in August or September, we will take ownership of a brand new Subaru Ascent for the Morrie’s Subaru in Minnetonka Minnesota. This will allow our training process to remain mobile which is a unique feature within our program.

All of this has afforded us the opportunity to create an unbelievably seasoned foster base and foster coordinator that allows our trainer to extensively screen our potential dogs. It also free’s up our rescue fosters to continue their mission of serving some of the finest rescues in the country. With all of the support, all of the donors, large or small, supporters and followers give constant energy and the momentum needed to stay true to our mission.

I want to give a huge shout out to the selfless rescues that work with us to find us our incredible dogs. Midwest Animal and Services, Leech Lake Legacy, Red Lake Rosies, The Sanctuary Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc, Saving Shepherds, Pet Haven, and soon our partnership with Animal Humane Society. These people do endless and sometimes thankless work saving these animals in need. And finally, a HUGE thank you to all of the Project Delta volunteers who make it possible for me and the team do what we do. I want to mention Nicki Hartfiel, Bev Whitehouse, Alec Robinson, Jerry Stahl, Terri Hill, Adam Standon, Stacey Sanders, Emily Hedenland, and Lina Knox and all the Project Delta dog fosters. I promise to individually name them all in future newsletters. I look forward to the continued success stories of these deserving veterans and their dogs along with all those that help make it happen!

All my best,

Patti Robinson Founder/CEO


Meet Tom and Mack

The year 2017 came with endless pivots in program development and with that came many team pairings. Each veteran and dog team is unique and special and thriving in their training. For this newsletter, I would like to introduce Tom and Mack. While all our teams are special, we at Project Delta are particularly drawn to Mack for many reasons. This beautiful boy is a presence simply by “being.” Mack is a pit bull, and an adorable one at that. Upon pairing with his handler, Marine, Tom, we knew he would also be taking on the role as an ambassador for the pit bull breed. All too often these unbelievable animals receive a raw deal simply because of how they look. But nothing could be further from the truth when you meet Mack and more importantly when you see he and Tom work together as a service team. Mack not only assists Tom as his service animal but is available to comfort other veterans who utilize Tom’s nonprofit, “Every Third Saturday” at Rick’s Place. Mack organically engages with these men and woman because of his natural abilities to serve which is why he paired with Tom in the first place. Tom and Mack are often seen talking with people in the community which defines our goal….Bridges, not barriers.


Sweatin’ for a Veteran

Virtual 5K

November 1-11, 2018

We are extremely excited to announce Project Delta’s first ever, Virtual 5K that will occur November 1-11, 2018. What is a Virtual 5K??? This is an opportunity to support Project Delta by registering for this online, virtual event. You can run, walk, bike, push a stroller, rollerblade, swim, boat, skateboard, ride a motorcycle, ski, or drive your car! You can do it all at once or break it up over your lunch hour during the entire timeframe. There is no parking issues, no start gun, no crowds or long ports potty lines! Our goal is to raise $7500.00 which will cover the costs of a veteran/dog screening, pairing, and their training program!! Watch for more information from our online registration site, “Active” in the next couple weeks! Get healthy, Help a Vet, Save a Dog!!!


Len Robinson


1. Tell us about yourself. Include your family and hobbies.

Hi, I’m Len Robinson, President of Project Delta, husband of our amazing founder, Patti, and extreme dog lover. I’m the father to three extraordinary young adults, our adopted family in California, and father to two furry dependents, Gus and Grace.

For seventeen years I have worked as a Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA.) In addition to my administrative role with Project Delta, I wear many hats in the evenings. In particular, as a Master Level Certified Life-Coach, I feel fortunate to provide individual and group coaching to the veterans of Project Delta.

My entrepreneurial spirit has lead to several start-up ventures, including an Employee Engagement/Wellness Consultancy (currently working with nurses) and a line of pet products (patent pending.) Personally, I’ve endured life-altering adversity, including beating cancer with subsequent periods of depression and apathy. Therefore, I’m now very passionate about helping others to reach their full potential as well as identify and pursue their purpose, passion, and mission in life.

2. Tell us about your military experience.

My desire to serve in the military dates back to high school. Before my senior year in college, I completed Marine Corps Officer Candidate School in Quantico, Virginia. My dream was to become a Marine Corps Fighter Pilot. Unfortunately, a sarcoma diagnosis disqualified me from the aviation program.

Later in life, while in graduate school, I was commissioned in the U.S. Army. I served nine years which included a deployment to Wurzburg, Germany during Operation Enduring Freedom. While in Germany, I had the privilege to provide anesthesia during surgery for our brave warriors returning from fighting in Afghanistan.

3. Tell us about how Project Delta impacts your life.

To witness the pairing of our veterans with their service-dog-in-training is simply magical. The unconditional love and commitment displayed by a previously abandoned dog are life-changing and transformational not only for the veteran recipients but also for everyone fortunate enough to take part in these pairings. Our love for the veterans and rescue dogs of Project Delta is unwavering. I feel it’s an honor to serve the brave men and women that sacrificed so much and have received so little in return.

4. Tell us about how you see Coaching as a tool to improve our veterans lives.

The keystone of Project Delta’s mission is to empower our veterans and NOT enable the diagnoses of PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, or Military Sexual Trauma. A good coach understands the answers are inherent within the coached individual. Life Coaching is a powerful means of empowerment because merely asking “powerful questions” is the basis of coaching, not directing or giving advice. Coaching is the perfect tool to assist a person to illuminate what is essential for personal growth and transformation.