Mission (New)



Dedicated to The Pairing of Veterans With Shelter/Rescue Dogs to Create Service Dog Teams. We do this by recognizing and treating the total wellness of our veterans.

Who We Are

Project Delta is dedicated to the pairing of veterans with shelter/rescue dogs to create service dog teams to lessen the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and military sexual trauma (MST).

How We Do It

We have learned that shelter/rescue dogs can be just as suitable for providing service as dogs bred for this purpose.  The dog is considered for our program only if certain criteria is met. This screening can take up to three months.  Thanks to the generosity of our amazing foster families, prior to pairing, our dog behavioralist and trainers can take the time necessary to ensure the dog truly desires service work and meets the behavioral criteria. Finally, after screening and vetting, a veteran and dog choose one another based on the personality and temperament of the other. Then immediately upon pairing, the training begins for this newly formed Service Dog Team (In Training.) Depending on the needs of the veteran, certification can take approximately 6-9 months. The cost to train each team is approximately $7,500. We provide ongoing training and mandatory re-certification for our Service Dog Teams. Because of the generous support from our donors, pairing and training are FREE of charge to our veterans.

Why We Do It

  • Current studies indicate 22 veterans every day commit suicide. Many of these veterans are suffering from PTS, TBI, and/or MST.
  • 20% of Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans suffer from PTSD (540K). 19% suffer from TBI (513K).
  • 50% don’t seek treatment; only half of those treated receive minimally adequate treatment.
  • 9 million dogs enter shelters and rescues each year.
  • A large percentage of shelter dogs are euthanized each year.