“Please join us in remembering and honoring the special Veterans and First Responders in the lives of the Project Delta Community.”

Join us in honoring Robert “Bob” Wherritt, father of our founder, as the first inductee to Project Delta’s WALL OF HEROES.


My father bravely served in the United States Marine Corps from February 4, 1943, to January 7, 1946, in WWII.  His service involved action against the enemy at Tarawa, Gilbert Island, Saipan, Tinian, Marianas Islands, Okinawa, and the Ryukyu Islands. His bravery and his loyalty to his fellow Marines earned him the Bronze Star Medal for gallantry in action as well as the Purple Heart. 

Like so many who served our country, and as a result of the atrocities he partook in and witnessed, I now understand my father suffered PTSD which, unfortunately, was never diagnosed.  His bravery and loyalty to his fellow Marines came at a price.  He spent a lifetime chasing his demons due to the atrocities of war.  It wasn’t until my husband and son served in the military that I became exposed to the diagnosis of PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury.  I began to understand what emotional pain my father experienced all the years following the war.  It was then that I decided to honor him by developing Project Delta.

It is now my life’s mission to serve those that have served us.